Snagging (Home Inspection - Civil & MEP)

Snagging (Home Inspection - Civil & MEP)

New Home Buyers

Buying a brand new home is likely to be the biggest investment that you will ever make.

Let’s not leave things to chance. Our new property snagging surveys will pick up everything from minor issues such as a door that doesn’t close properly or a worktop with a damaged finish to more serious, structural problems.

1. Book an Inspection

Book a site visit from Lightarc Home Inspections and we will undertake a thorough internal and external inspection of your property. A site visit usually takes between 3-6 hours, depending upon the size of the property.

2. Get Your Report

We send the detailed snagging survey report to you and the developer within 48hrs of the site visit. Our independent, detailed and evidenced snagging reports provide the developer with all the information they need to rectify the issues.

3. Request Support

We are a tenacious bunch at Lightarc Home Inspections and we don’t let go. So once you have got your snagging survey report you can get in touch to ask questions, seek advice or we can project manage the whole snagging process for you.

If you’re in the process of buying a new build property, you may have heard of new building snagging. However, it’s important to understand what it is and what it involves as it could save you money on avoidable repairs. New building snagging is a service provided by many property inspectors and the aim is to ensure new properties are finished to a high standard and without defects.

When you buy a new build home, you do so under the assumption that everything inside the home is up to the high standard you’d expect. After all, if everything is brand new how could anything go wrong? However, things do go wrong on occasion and some homeowners are left with problems that can prove to be costly. This is why it’s always important to have a building survey carried out before making the final purchase. However, a traditional property survey could be deemed a little excessive as most new build homes are free from issues and problems are rare. This is where a new building snagging survey comes in.

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