Independent Snagging Service

Independent Snagging Service

We have all of your snagging needs covered and all in one convenient place. We offer snagging services for new home buyers, for commercial premises, for property investors and for landlords. All backed by 7+ years experience in the construction industry

What Is a Snagging Survey?

A snagging survey is a type of new build inspection, one that’s designed to check for problems in newly built homes. Though any problems should have been identified by those building the property, issues can be missed and therefore a building survey is advised.

New building snagging surveys are usually carried out before the new homeowners move in, simply so that any problems can be addressed and fixed beforehand. Many housing problems, from minor issues to major structural defects, are more difficult to fix when people are using the property. Therefore, a detailed property inspection should be completed before the move in date and should allow time for any repairs to take place. In fact, our snagging experts usually recommend for new build snagging surveys to take place in the time period between building work being finished and the legal completion date of the sale.

There are different legal requirements surrounding new build properties and, of course, there are some developers that prefer building surveys to take place after the completed sale. In cases such as this, it’s best to have a new build survey completed as soon as possible after you have moved in and, generally speaking, developers must repair any problems found within the first two years

The Importance of a New Build Snagging Survey

New building snagging surveys are slightly different to traditional property inspections; rather than surveying a house to check for any major structural damages or underlying problems, a snagging survey goes above and beyond. As new buildings have yet to be lived in, there’s been no one to test all the little things that go into making it a home. For example, whose to say whether there’s a leaky tap or whether a door sticks in bad weather? This is why snagging surveys are so important for new buildings.

A lot of people who haven’t bought a new build home before find themselves wondering what goes into a snagging report for new properties, and most people are shocked to find that every little detail is covered. At Lightarc Inspections our snagging reports are extremely thorough and we will check for:

•Minor problems such as leaky taps, doors that don’t close property, loose kitchen fixtures and missing items.

•Major structural problems and bigger issues such as broken windows, cracked tiling and poorly finished flooring.

Cosmetic damage such as scratched worktops, chips, paint splashes and anything that appears unfinished.

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